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Get $100 – $1,000 Payday Loans online with no credit check and guaranteed instant approval from direct lender.

Same day financing is available in case you submit the application online and are approved by 11 am this business day.


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What are instant Payday Loans?

An instant payday loan, or cash advance is a type of short-term credit provided in small amounts up to $1000 for 14 – 30 days and used for any urgent expenses. It’s a suitable financial solution in case you need:

  • To pay piled bills;
  • Repair a car;
  • Redecorate a flat;
  • Get some urgent medical or dental care, etc.

Instant Payday Loans differ from other cash advances by fast and easy application and money deposit. It usually takes just a few minutes to apply online and 1 – maximum 2 working days to get the funds.

But you should remember that it’s not for free. Lenders charge rather high interest for instant cash advance. So, it’s essential that you repay on time not to turn this financial solution into another financial problem.

How do instant Payday Loans work?

To get $100 – $1000 cash within 24 hours it’s better to know how the process works in advance. Practically every lender has similar application, verification, approval, money transfer and repayment process. You take three main steps on the way to the necessary financing:

  1. Fill out a simple application form online – state the loan amount, your name, last name, e-mail.
  2. Get an instant decision form a lender ready to process your loan request.
  3. Receive the money deposited into your banking or checking account which usually takes about 1 – 2 business days depending on the time you apply and on banking working hours.

How much do instant Payday Loans cost?

Any loan consists of the principal and interest plus some additional financial charges. An average APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is about 400%. It seems high if you consider long repayment period. But if you pay back on time within a month, the cost doesn’t look so terrifying. Besides the interest lenders may charge an application fee, verification fee, NSF fee, etc. It’s necessary to clear it up with the lender before signing the agreement.

To find out an approximate cost of your Payday loan you can use an online calculator which will help you estimate whether you can afford this cash advance or not.

Payday Loan Calculator

$500 Your loan + $79 Your fee = $579 Total Cost*

* Total Cost - The sum of money you are to pay off within the term you’ve chosen if you borrow the stated above amount for the average (or required by your lender) APR.

This calculation is just a representative example. Rates and fees can vary depending on the lender. Check all the finance charges in the loan agreement before signing it

Instant Payday Loans online

Instant Payday Loans online differ from typical cash advances by a completely online application and transactions. It’s very convenient as the benefits of online borrowing can’t be overestimated:

  • It’s quick and easy;
  • There’s no hard credit check, no Teletrack, no faxing and paperwork;
  • It’s available for both good and bad credit score applicants;
  • You can apply online 24 / 7.

Just surf the Net, compare the offers and fill out a loan application form to the company whose terms and rates suit you the most.

Instant same day Payday Loans near me

Instant Payday Loans are even faster to get and possibly in cash if you go to a loan store. You can find all the cash stores at your location with addresses, phone numbers, regular hours, etc. Choose the one which is close to you. Learn the requirements, prepare all the documents, find out the rates and fees and drive to the store to get professional assistance and cash same day.

Cash in your account in 60 seconds from direct loan providers

We cooperate with approved direct lenders. They are ready to help and provide you advance cash services whether it’s payday, installment, personal loan or any other cash advance. We match your online applications with your exact cash needs with direct lenders and in a moment you get variety of offers where you can compare interest rates, fees, terms and other conditions. Payday loans online are that very solution, that releases you from long queues and paperwork.

Just Secure Online Form => 60 Seconds Data Processing => Cash in your account in 24 hours from direct lenders.

With us you get:

  • 24/7 support service;
  • more than 300 direct lenders;
  • fast approval;
  • response within minutes.

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Instant Payday Loans for bad credit

Borrowers with a bad credit score need approval even more than others as their options are limited and they have little chances of getting the financing from a bank or credit union. Online Payday Loan lenders don’t have any minimal credit score requirements and provide loans to any eligible borrower no matter what his score rating is. The turnaround time and repayment terms are similar to those of typical Payday Loans but the rates may be a bit higher. It’s a fair price for an opportunity to get the necessary funds so fast.

Instant Payday Loans with no credit check

Credit score doesn’t matter for an instant Payday Loan approval. Neither does your credit history. Most lenders don’t even do a hard credit check saving time and avoiding any affect on your credit history. They consider every borrower and evaluate your creditworthiness according to your income, previous debts and other criteria. It’s enough for the majority of Payday lenders to make sure that you have enough money to repay the loan. And your previous financial drawbacks shouldn’t become a problem.

What are the alternatives to instant Payday Loans?

There are some other ways to get instant cash advance besides Payday Loans if you are afraid of excessive fees or predatory lenders.

To get a small amount of money for urgent expenses in a short time you can consider:

  1. Installment Loans of $1000 – $5000
  2. Personal Loans up to $35000
  3. Car Title Loans
  4. A bank loan
  5. A cash advance from your employer
  6. Peer-to-peer lending
  7. Help from friends or relatives
  8. A credit card
  9. Making extra money
  10. Applying for some non-profitable financial organisations.

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